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---Pool Provider--- --------LP-------- --Reward Tokens-- --INFO-- Yam YAM-ETH SLP YAM https://yam.finance/farm yAxis Various yAxis https://yaxis.io/farms Pickle Various Pickle https://pickle.finance/farms HolyHeld Various HOLY https://app.holyheld.com/ Stabilize Various STBZ https://stabilize.finance SwapShip Various SWSH,RTC https://www.swapship.finance/staking Alpha DEX Various DEX https://kitten.finance Kitten Various kBASEv0 https://kitten.finance Ichi Various Ichi https://ichi.farm TrueFi Various TRU https://app.truefi.io/farm Benchmark Various MARK https://launchpad.benchmarkprotocol.finance/pools Basis Various BAS,BAC https://basis.cash Badger Various BADGER https://app.badger.finance PowerIndex Various CVP https://powerindex.io UpDown UPDOWN / UPDOWN-ETH wETH https://updown.finance Build Finance BUILD-ETH bCRED https://build.finance Empty Set Dollar Various ESD https://app.emptyset.finance/ Dynamic Set Dollar Various DSD https://dsd.finance/app Basis Dollar Various BSD,BSDS https://basisdollar.fi/ Frax Finance Various FXS https://app.frax.finance/ Debase Various DEBASE,DEGOV https://debaseonomics.io 1inch Various 1INCH https://1inch.exchange/#/dao/farming MITH Cash Various MIS,MIC https://mith.cash One Cash Various ONC,ONS https://onecash.finance Basis Gold Various BSG,BSGS https://basis.gold Harvest Finance Various FARM https://harvest.finance Typhoon Cash Various PHOON https://typhoon.cash Armor Various ARMOR https://armor.fi *** Disclaimer *** I am in no way affiliated with the above projects, nor do I endorse them. Please do your own research before investing. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= | Twitter - Github - Gitcoin | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=